This product ships from Labor Day through Memorial Day. We do not ship through the summer owing to high transit temperatures that can cause the balm to melt. 

Size: 45G/1.5OZ 

95% Cold-Pressed Ingredients.

Restorative Balm. Whether you have skin that is overworked, jet lagged or just seasonally dry, Rub Of The Green will heal and restore your skin to its own vibrant and natural state of perfection.

What It Is

This restorative balm is rich in bioactive chlorophyll from cold-pressed, virgin hemp seed and avocado fruit oils to improve skin oxygen levels and improve hydration at the deepest levels. Super anti-oxidant catechin, from both oolong tea and cocoa butter, defend against the elements while GLA-rich primrose oil rejuvenates fatigued skin. A little goes a long way.

Great as a deep moisturizer, after swimming or when skin is dehydrated.

How To Use

Apply a pea-sized amount to clean slightly damp skin. Massage gently into face and neck using circular motions. A little goes a really long way!


100% Plant-Based. * Certified Organic  ** Virgin, Wildcrafted or Raw


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