Product Philosophy

High-octane urban lifestyles make it challenging to keep our skin radiant, balanced and healthy. We try quick fixes with makeup and conventional skincare that promise to “improve the appearance of” our skin. These products contain unpronounceable, synthetic ingredients that further aggravate our skin and build up a toxin load. The result is premature aging, sun-damaged skin, breakouts, inflammation and sensitivity. To address the demands of today’s stressful lifestyles, Aphorism’s products are rooted in our core beliefs:

Perfection Naturally

Natural and organic ingredients are good, but we go a step beyond.

Plant ingredients are far more beneficial in their minimally processed, virgin state. Most so-called natural products use ingredients that have been, extracted, refined, or bleached using high heat. These processes remove inherent nutrients and do not unlock the plant’s true potential to deliver remarkable results.

Aphorism uses a carefully crafted selection of 100% natural and organic ingredients that are cold pressed, raw, or steam distilled. By choosing ingredients that have been sourced using these high-integrity processes, we ensure each of our products is optimally suited to deliver the results your skin needs – completely naturally.

Raw Power

Cold pressed, virgin and raw ingredients are well known for their nutritional benefits. They’re great for skincare too – abundant in bioactive anti-oxidants, plant-derived nutrients, essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. These ingredients work to restore and replenish the skin. They combat, even reverse, the stresses of modern day and urban living.

Art of Science

Our line comprises formulations made with rare plant ingredients and plant extracts such as buriti fruit, rosehip, maracuja, starflower, edelweiss, red raspberry and green tea – to name a few – which have skincare benefits backed by science or traditional wisdom over the centuries. These ingredients were chosen for being among the most potent yet safe sources of naturally occurring, powerful anti-oxidants, Omega 3, 6, 5, 7 & 9, , vitamins A, C & E and essential amino acids.

 We then spent thousands of hours in research and practice to create formulations that are a careful combination of ingredients and work in synergy to deliver targeted results.

Not Watered Down

Water-based skincare evaporates off the surface providing little, if any, sustained hydration. To provide maximum benefit, all our products are waterless – this also means our products contain no chemical preservatives.

Oils are necessary to lock in hydration and maintain the skin’s water content. These natural oils or lipids are produced by our skin glands and can also be acquired from skincare products that use plant oils, butters and waxes. Why water the goodness down!

Safety First

Not every natural ingredient is safe. Our products, therefore, have been created after careful research into known and possible side effects. We do not use citrus oils as these cause sensitivity to light. Nor do we use skincare ingredients such as clary sage, hyssop, basil, which may cause irritation in certain situations. Nonetheless, if you have any kind of medical or dermatological concerns we recommend you consult a medical professional prior to using our products.

Down to Earth

We ethically source the highest quality ingredients, and are earth, animal and human friendly. We use 100% natural vegan ingredients – organic or wildcrafted wherever possible. And our products are never tested on animals.

Our products stand out for their beautiful packaging. The violet glass blocks harmful UV rays so that the bioactive ingredients in our products remain potent and effective. Glass is 100% recyclable and earth friendly, and the bottles are reusable.

Our Promise

We created Aphorism without making compromises. We have a healthy disrespect for the status quo and continue to challenge ourselves, and what exists in mainstream and organic skincare today. As we grow, we promise to continue to learn more – and unlearn as needed, to continue creating transformative skincare that is informed by the latest research and discovery while staying true to the honored traditions of pure plant-based skincare.