Early on, with an East-West upbringing that juxtaposed the practice of medicine with the traditions of Ayurveda, Urvashi developed a passion for beauty and nutrition - long before health & wellness became a thing. Moving to the US for her post-grad, she had a diverse set of academic and work experiences that unbeknownst to her then, would come together in Aphorism - global strategy, new markets, consumer health, and product innovation, all while in parallel living the quintessential New York City life with a work-hard, party-hard ethic. 

Then, she found a lump near her collarbone and received a devastating diagnosis of lymphoma.

To navigate this life-changing event, she delved into research, determined to come out better and stronger. The learning that clean nutrition and detoxification was the life force of immunity and the body’s ability to stay healthy was both eye-opening and reaffirming at the same time. Transforming diet was a natural step. However, further research led to the critical insight that diet was merely the first step, and that, the chemicals found in skincare and beauty products not only lowered natural defenses and immunity but contained malevolent toxins that actually caused the development of disease in the body. 

She originally certified in nutrition and advanced organic plant-based skincare formulation to create a completely natural approach to diet and skin in her own life. No "miracle" products loaded with toxins – just pure and potent raw ingredients. The results were transformative.

But as memories of the illness receded, she was back to craving beautifully packaged and scented skincare that seduces most women into unknowingly buying a cocktail of toxic ingredients.  It was hard to find products that were as glamorous and “high performance” as conventional skincare, but absolutely cleand and natural.

So, she became a first-time entrepreneur to create a line of products that makes plant-based organic skincare luxurious, aesthetic and appealing to everyone – not just the health-conscious. Urvashi’s experience in product development, nutrition, and organic plant-based skincare resulted in a line of powerful skincare products made entirely with potent cold-pressed, raw plant ingredients and botanical extracts. Aphorism – a high-performance, 100% plant-based skincare range for city living – was created in New York City.

Urvashi is committed for life to creating true awareness of clean beauty, nutrition and lifestyle for transformative wellness inside and out. She has been featured in  Byrdie, Beauty Independent, Hello Giggles, Viva Glam, and American Spa among others.