Across Mumbai, London and New York, Aphorism founder Urvashi’s personal journey is one of serendipity, belief and deep determination. From a family of surgeons, she has a natural flair for the sciences and a fascination in particular for beauty and nutrition. She earned her MBA at the Wharton School of Business and went on to work at one of the world’s largest consumer health companies. Here she headed new product innovation for North and South America and was a  strong advocate for natural products, as she felt the pulse of consumers across over 20 countries. In parallel, Urvashi was living the quintessential New York life with a work-hard-party-hard ethic and a penchant for all things expensive and beautiful. Then out of the blue, she was diagnosed with a rare but curable cancer. Trying to put the pieces together, she delved into possible triggers for the rare disease – that was neither genetic nor has any specific known cause – and learned of the link between chemicals and additives in food and skincare products to reproductive, hormonal, immunity and neurological disorders. She certified in nutrition and trained in natural, plant based skincare to adopt a completely natural approach to diet and skin. No more "miracle" products loaded with toxins – just pure and potent raw ingredients. The results were astonishing. But as memories of the illness receded, Urvashi found she was back to craving beautifully packaged, gorgeously scented beauty products that seduce most women into unknowingly buying a cocktail of toxic ingredients. Her search for products that were as glamorous as conventional skincare, but absolutely natural, was in vain. She stepped off the corporate ladder to become a first-time entrepreneur and pursue a compelling dream: fashioning a line of products that makes organic skincare luxurious, aesthetic and appealing to everyone – not just the health-conscious. Urvashi’s experience in nutrition, natural skincare science and product innovation resulted in a powerful line of artisanal skincare products made entirely with cold-pressed, raw and natural plant ingredients and botanical extracts. Aphorism – a high-performance, 100% plant-based, New York City skincare range – was born.