Living in the city is exhilarating and non-stop, and the sense of being alive is unequivocal. That said, urban lifestyles are somewhat of a sensorial overload, none more so than for skin(care). We constantly transition between multiple micro-climates: from working up a sweat in the morning, to long hours in office air-conditioning and thereafter the inevitable late nights (be it work or play!). Add on pollution, frequent air travel and not enough sleep. The result is skin with dehydration, breakouts and congestion (often all at the same time!). These continual transitions additionally cause skin fatigue and accelerate the appearance of ageing.

Aphorism is a line of organic and wildcrafted, 100% plant-based and bioactive skincare designed specifically to address urban skincare needs. Each formulation is a careful combination of plant ingredients that works synergistically and contain naturally occurring powerful anti-oxidants, polyphenols, omegas, vitamins, vital trace minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Our founder, Urvashi created the collection entirely using carefully chosen cold-pressed ingredients and supercritical actives that are organic or wildcrafted at the source.This ensures these precious ingredients are as close to their natural state as possible to maintain the highest bioactive levels. Hence, by using Aphorism skincare, you actually get the maximum benefit of naturally occurring plant compounds that are known for their restorative and transformative properties.

Aphorism skincare products are also entirely made by hand in small batches by our founder Urvashi.  Read more about our product philosophy here.

Our brand, “Aphorism” is named in homage to Hippocrates’ 2000-year-old seminal text on self-healing. The most basic principles are: “First, do no harm” and “Let food be thy medicine”. We believe these two principles should be the foundation and entirety of skincare (and life). In present day language, Aphorisms are pithy observations on modern day life. And the inspiration for our product names!