Size: 30ml/1 fl.oz

98% Cold-Pressed Ingredients. 

Balancing Face Oil. Travel, air-conditioning, pollution, and frequent late nights throw skin off balance with congestion or breaks outs one day and dryness or dehydration the very next. To combat the all too familiar skin stressors from urban living, Clear Sailing helps keep skin clear and maintain natural balance. Life may continue to be unpredictable, but your skin will be a little less so.

Ideally use on its own to impart a fresh breathable glow, or as a base under makeup if desired. It can be helpful to minimize use of skin make up when skin is stressed

What It Is

A purifying facial oil with virgin organic hemp seed oil rich in chlorophyll and balancing golden jojoba. They work wonders to detoxify skin and unclog pores while cold-pressed grapeseed gently clarifies skin tone. Super-antioxidants red raspberry seed and green tea protect from free radical and photo damage. Extracts of comfrey, gotu kola, guava seed and elderberry soothe and condition to restore skin.

How To Use

Apply to clean slightly damp skin. Massage gently into face and neck using circular motions. Wait  a minute for product to be deeply absorbed if applying makeup or additional products.


100% Plant-Based.* Certified Organic  ** Virgin, Wildcrafted or Raw

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